Interclub Documents

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Interclub Administration General Interclub Information Results Sheet Club Venues List Senior Interclub Senior Interclub Rules Senior Interclub Date Grid (2023) Senior Interclub Transfer Form 2022/23 Junior Interclub Junior Interclub Rules…

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Midweek Summer

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Midweek Summer Interclub 2024   Grading Lists that dictate playing order and reserves are as at 31 Jan 2024 and linked below - Auckland Grading List North Harbour Grading List Promotion/Relegation…

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Midweek Ladies Interclub

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Midweek Ladies have two Interclub competitions that run throughout the year.Ladies Midweek Lead-InLadies Lead-In Interclub Competition (Pre-Christmas)Ladies Midweek SummerThis Championship shall consist of Promotion Relegation grades, and be restricted to…

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Junior Interclub

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Junior Interclub is a competition open to all  through to 18 years of age, covering a range of abilities. There are two Auckland Junior Interclub competitions run throughout the year.…

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Senior Interclub doubles grades include Ferrier Cup, Presidents A and Open Presidents.  A Mixed-Four Presidents Grade was introduced in the 2020/21 Season and will continue this season.  Doubles grades are…

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