There are two Auckland Senior Interclub competitions running throughout the year.

Summer Interclub runs approximately from September until April each year, breaking over the Christmas/New Year period. Teams are split into grades of up to 12 teams, playing round robin matches every other week.

Winter Interclub runs approximately from May to August each year.

For more information about joining an Interclub team, please contact the Interclub Controller at your club. To find a club close to you click here.

2020 – 2021 Interclub Season :
5th September until 12th December 2020
13th February until 17th April 2021

Please note due to COVID-19 restrictions the senior interclub season start is now  26 September. Playing interclub at alert level 2 guidelines can be found here

Tennis Auckland Awards Evening :
Thursday 27th May 2021 – TBC


Men / Women


Caro Bowl Reserve / 1st Grade / 2nd Grade / Open Grades


Ferrier Cup / Presidents A / Open Grades / Mixed Four

Super Tennis

Men’s / Women’s


Men’s Singles / Men’s Doubles / Women’s Singles / Women’s Doubles

Winter Outdoor

Men’s Singles / Men’s Doubles / Women’s Singles / Women’s Doubles / Mixed Doubles

Match Hub Grading Lists

NB:  Playing order of teams will be as per the grading list published here.  Please be aware that for the 2020-2021 season there will be two (2) Grading lists published.  The first will be on or around 9th August 2020 and the second on or around 15th January 2021.

Grading Lists as at 1 September 2020 for Summer Interclub:

Gradings Register (Female; Auckland) 1 Sep
Gradings Register (Female; North Harbour) 1 Sep
Gradings Register (Male; North harbour) 1 Sep
Gradings Register (Male; Auckland) 1 Sep

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ConfigureRankings is the Tennis New Zealand grading system that we now use for tournaments and Interclub competitions where grading is required.