Midweek Summer Interclub 2024  

Grading Lists that dictate playing order and reserves are as at 31 Jan 2024 and linked below –

Auckland Grading List

North Harbour Grading List

Promotion/Relegation grades are: Monday Championship 1 &  2, Tuesday Championship 1 &  2.  Maximum of eight teams per grade.

Promotion-only Grades are Monday & Tuesday Open 1.

Monday & Tuesday Open Grades (including Open 1).  Teams are divided into sections based on the average points of the four regular players on submitted team lists.  Maximum of eight teams per grade/section.  The number of sections will be dictated by the number of teams entered.

Season Dates 12 February to 26 March 2024
Played Mondays and Tuesdays 9.30am
Venues Clubs


Draws & Results

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2018-2019 Ladies Midweek Summer Interclub
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