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New Partnership

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Tennis Auckland is excited to announce a new partnership with NSR International.

Now every talented young New Zealand athlete and aspiring high school student will have an opportunity to advance their careers and education through lucrative Tennis scholarships at American universities.  

NSR International specializes in obtaining Sports Scholarships to US Colleges and Universities and is an international division of National Scouting Report of America, which is the oldest and largest college athletic scouting and recruiting organization in the world.  

NSR International is recognised as the world’s leading recruitment company with a proven track record in Australia and New Zealand for over nine years now. 

The opportunity to compete in college at one of America’s 1,500 highly recognized institutions will give you the opportunity to test yourself in what is now arguably the most complete sports program for athletes looking to enhance their sporting and academic ability.  

Tennis Auckland now joins a host of sporting associations around Australia and New Zealand that endorse and support this fantastic opportunity designed to give boys and girls the chance to be full-time athletes as well as pursuing full-time College/ University academic programs in the USA.

“We are delighted to partner with Tennis Auckland, who has shown incredible initiative and care for their members by providing such an incredible opportunities to study and play tennis at an American institution.” –CEO of NSR International, Marco Maisano.    

In conjunction with NSR International, Tennis Auckland will be contacting all tennis athletes in the coming months with the view to invite athletes of all levels who are aged between 15-19 years old, to register their interest for a Talent ID day.

Please keep an eye out for this letter which will be sent directly to you by post, but in the meantime, you can find out more about NSR International and the Tennis Scholarship opportunities directly on the NSR site, or to register your interest directly please visit , click on Event registration and select Tennis. 

We are delighted to be a part of this wonderful opportunity for young