2020 Evening Indoor Tennis

Term  3

This very popular Evening Indoor (Business House) doubles competition has been played for many years and continues to be enjoyed by those who participate.

  • Teams can include both men and women and be from any organization, group, or club
  • Up to 8 different players can play in a team over the course of the competition
  • 4 person teams each week, playing 4 doubles matches. Each side nominates 2 doubles combinations before play starts. Players stay in those combinations for both doubles matches.
  • Each match is first to 8 games with a standard tie break at 7 games all.
  • Sudden death deuce is used.

The competition is played over a period of up to 10 weeks during the winter months.

Season Dates:

  • Term 3 : 21st July – 24th September 2020 (Entries close 5 July 2020)

NB:  Limited entries accepted therefore late entries are unlikely to be accepted. All entries will be accepted in order of receipt.

Playing Times:  2 Rounds per night

  • 6:00 pm to 8:30pm   OR
  • 8:30pm to 10:00 pm


  • Scarbro Tennis Centre, 69 Merton Rd Glen Innes


  • Tuesday – A Grade or B Grade
  • Wednesday – C Grade
  • Thursday – C or D Grade

NB:    Players are expected to play in a grade appropriate to their skill Level.  The organiser reserves the right to adjust a team’s grade.

Any queries please email: interclub@tennisauckland.co.nz

Entry form and more details for 2020 can be found here

Draws here

Playing at alert level 2  guidelines here